where is trekronå

At Ogna.

At Ogna, furthest south on Jæren, we find a small community that is completely in its own way. A community that is a bit in the city, near the sea, in the mountains, in the woods, right by the river where the salmon jumps, by the nearby beaches, with the railway only 4.4 meters above sea level, by the church and with the golf course just a stone’s throw away . One hour from Stavanger and 25 minutes from Egersund. A little outside, but still inside. Experience the changing weather, the special light, the contrast between sea and beach, flatlands and mountains, sheltered beaches and boulders. Ogna is a bit southern, but not quite. It’s a bit Jæren, but not so windy. A place where heaven and earth meet.

Things to do in the area

Ogna scene

A lot of exciting things happen here all year round. A versatile cultural scene full of good mood.

Beautiful beaches

You can walk from Trekronå to the most beautiful beaches on Jæren. Mighty, wild and beautiful nature.


There are many great locations nearby. Do you drive a little further north, and you will find several nice surfing beaches, including Bore. Here you can rent equipment and enjoy yourself in fantastic surroundings.

Bike rides

The North Sea road is best experienced by bike, from Kristiansand to Stavanger. With many sights along the way.

Hiking areas

The hiking opportunities are right on your doorstep when you live in Trekronå. Do not forget to bring your camera!


Trekronå is located next to a golf course. If you like to throw the club. 9-hole course of the highest quality.

Ogna Scene is located in Grønfed kulturtun’s very pleasant and retro premises. Everything from lectures and concerts are arranged here, to quizzes, history evenings, beer tastings, book evenings, game nights and a flea market, where you will find a very pleasant atmosphere!

The beaches at Ogna are almost a bit euphoric. We like to call it Norway’s Riviera. They must be experienced! There are several small bays with white sand between rocks and boulders, and amazingly, not many people use them. It’s almost like private lagoons!

Bring your surfboard or paddle board! It is not far to good conditions. Above the railway line you will find beaches in a row, including Brusand.

At Ogna we cycle! To the train. To the store. And to the harbor in Sirevåg to buy shrimp. The bike ride between Egersund and Brusand has been described as one of Norway’s most beautiful bike rides. In varied terrain through forests, mountains, beaches and the sea, you get a little of everything. Most of the road is car-free and can be cycled all year round. Remember that you can rent bikes at Trekronå.

If you love fishing, you can do this in the sea nearby, or in the Ogna river, which is a salmon-carrying river. Fishing licenses can be purchased here.

There is plenty of wildlife on Ogna. The white-tailed eagle buzzes around the area just as it is. The deer walks on the bog below, and perhaps the fox sneaks past. And there are many small birds; give them some food and you have friends for life.

The beautiful 9 hole golf course, by Ogna Golfklubb, is not far away. You will actually walk past it on the way to Trekronå from the car park.

The Joker’n at Ogna (a 30 min walk away) has what you need for your stay. Here you can also buy fishing licenses, petrol, diesel and propane. In addition, they have drug stores. Bente Kverme, runs the store: «The shop gang at Joker Ogna welcomes you to a pleasant trade!»

City life? It is not far to Stavanger, Norway’s third largest city. 1 hour by train or car and you can experience the city’s many attractions, such as cozy old wooden houses, cool street art and some of Norway’s very best restaurants. Or maybe a trip to the town of Egersund, which is located approx. a half hour drive / train ride away. The history of Egersund is one of Norway’s oldest and dates back to the Stone Age. The city has activities and experiences for everyone.

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