About us

The carpenter Henrik Stokkeland together with his wife, Lene who is a social worker, are the founders behind Trekronå.

When Norway was in lockdown in the spring of 2020, the first thoughts about the project treetop cabins on Ogna began to spin with us. Could we do something special for people around us who needed good and positive experiences and who would not be stopped by this virus that now surrounded us? Eventually, thoughts were turned into actions and already in the winter of 2020, the project was completed by our skilled architect Manuela Hardy and approved by the municipality. In the spring of 2021, construction began on our two beautiful treetop cabins on stilts in the forest at Ogna. After some delays, due to both covid-19 and some foot injuries, we could finally welcome our first guests to Trekronå December 15, 2022. Happy day!

«At Trekronå we will do our very best for you to thrive with us. We are passionate about Trekronå and we think this is a completely unique and beautiful place; and hope you will share the joy with us. Our goal is for your stay in Trekronå to be a respite you will not forget. A place for recreation, new give and good memories. All alone or with good friends. «

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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