Do you dream of waking up among the trees?

We have had that dream, and now it is finally coming true! Now you can lie down under the duvet with the pine forest and starry sky as a view – and wake up to the chirping of birds, the stream that trickles and the sun that creeps through the trees. A place you can take your life back a bit.

Manuela Hardy, the architect behind our futuristic wooden cabins here at Ogna, wanted to build on her childhood dream of carpentry wooden cabins in the woods: «I wanted to take it a step further – namely mixing comfort with nostalgia and closeness to nature.»

And she has really achieved that. With large windows on all sides (and in the ceiling!), Nature is easily let in; the sun and forest views during the day, and the moonlight on the sheltered slope in the evening.

Where is Trekronå

At Ogna.

At Ogna, furthest south in Jæren, we find a small community that is completely unique. A community that is a bit in the city, near the sea, in the mountains, in the woods, right by the river where the salmon jumps, by the nearby beaches, with the railway only 4.4 meters above sea level, by the church and with the golf course just a stone’s throw away . One hour from Stavanger and 25 minutes from Egersund. A little outside, but still inside. Experience the changing weather, the special light, the contrast between sea and beach, flatlands and mountains, sheltered beaches and boulders. Ogna is a bit southern, but not quite. It’s a bit Jæren, but not so windy. A place where heaven and earth meet.

Things to do in the area

Ogna stage

A lot of exciting things happen here all year round. A versatile cultural scene full of good mood.

Beautiful beaches

You can walk from Trekronå to the most beautiful beaches on Jæren. Mighty, wild and beautiful nature.


There are many great "locations" nearby. Do you drive a little further north, and you will find several nice surfing beaches, including Bore. Here you can rent equipment and enjoy yourself in fantastic surroundings.

Bike rides

The North Sea road is best experienced by bike, from Kristiansand to Stavanger. With many sights along the way.

Tour areas

The hiking opportunities are right on your doorstep when you live in Trekronå. Do not forget to bring your camera!


Trekronå is located next to a golf course. If you like to throw the club. 9-hole course of the highest quality.

Nikolai Ulfsten (1854-1885) – Strandparti fra Jæren (1882) (Foto Wikimedia)

Some of our most famous landscape painters painted their pictures here (read about them here), and a poet still sheds light here on poems now and then. Here you can also experience the changing weather, the special light, the contrast between sea and beach, flatlands and mountains, sheltered beaches and boulders. A place with a lot of history. Enterprising nature; where heaven and earth meet…

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