About the cabins

In Trekronå you will find two cabins, cabin green and cabin yellow. Cabin green is wonderfully located between the pine trees while cabin yellow is located a little higher in the terrain with both trees and outfield as the nearest neighbor.

The cabins 15 sqm are perfect for 3 people (sleeps 5 if you know each other well) and are equipped with their own kitchen, bathroom and built-in seating area. There is a bunk bed with a double bed below and 1.20 bed at the top. For the fifth person we have a pull-out bed under the double bed.

There is also a small balcony. Here you can enjoy a good cup of coffee while listening to the chirping of birds or just finding the tranquility of the forest.

We care about the environment and you and try our best to choose local services and as clean and environmentally friendly products as possible. For example, we use chemical-free products from Enjo in our cleaning routines in the cabins.

Check-in is from 1500 and check-out is at 1100.


Mini kitchen

The cabins are equipped with a small sink, hob and a small refrigerator.


Each cabin has its own balcony. Here you can have a glass of good drink among the chirping of birds on a fine day.

Private bathroom with shower

Each cottage has its own bathroom with toilet, sink and shower.


The area have access to wireless internet. Here you can post your favorite picture, or maybe stream your favorite movie!

Underfloor heating

All cabins have underfloor heating; it comes in handy in the winter months!

Campfire site

Above the cabins there is a separate fire place where you can enjoy yourself in front of the fire and grill.


At the cabins' mini spa facility, we have built a large platting - here it is ideal to start the day with yoga!

Music system

There is a separate music system in Trekronene. Here you can play your favorite music if you want.

Free parking

You can park for free. From here it takes approx. 10-15 min. to stroll to Trekronå.


We have the pleasure of offering our guests an exclusive mini spa facility (at extra cost). Here you will find a lovely outdoor hot tub, outdoor shower and a great indoor sauna. Here you will also find an outdoor cladding with a roof over it, which is perfect for doing today's yoga, while you look out over the treetops.


Bed linen and towels are included in our stay.


Think environment and take the train. You do not depend on a car or plane to get to Trekronå. It only takes you half an hour to walk from Ogna train station to Trekronå. Take the bike with you!

mini spa and backyard

As a visitor with us, you can also enjoy our mini spa facility. Here you will find an outdoor whirlpool for up to 5 people, an outdoor shower and a wonderful indoor sauna, which can be used, at an additional cost. The spa can be used as much as you like during your stay, but within a 2-hour block at a time. This is so that both cabins will have equal opportunities. If you like yoga or other outdoor activities, there is also a large to good platting with a partial roof over, close by.

Behind the mini spa we have a sheltered and sunny garden for recreation and enjoyment. Here you can enjoy the sun, read a book, do yoga, take a nap in the hammock, pick an apple or just do nothing. Enjoy!

If you want to see more of Ogna and the beautiful area here you can rent a bike. Let us know by e-mail and we’ll help you.

Where is Trekronå

At Ogna.

At Ogna, furthest south on Jæren, we find a small community that is completely in its own way. A community that is a bit in the city, near the sea, in the mountains, in the woods, right by the river where the salmon jumps, by the nearby beaches, with the railway only 4.4 meters above sea level, by the church and with the golf course just a stone’s throw away . One hour from Stavanger and 25 minutes from Egersund. A little outside, but still inside. Experience the changing weather, the special light, the contrast between sea and beach, flatlands and mountains, sheltered beaches and boulders. Ogna is a bit southern, but not quite. It’s a bit Jæren, but not so windy. A place where heaven and earth meet.

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